Saturday, November 10, 2012

Oak Fest

In October, just down the street from us, the city hosts an Oak Fest. When it happened Aaron was between quarters at school and had the weekend off so we were finally able to do some October-y festive stuff as a family. Our first adventure was a train ride around the lake.

We convinced the Taylor's to join us. They had an "in" with the Oak Fest knowing when and where to go. We were very grateful.
Grace and Addie, best little buddies.
We got there early enough that there weren't any lines for the rides. The kids walked right up to this one and got on. Suddenly the bounce house started to collapse and all the parents made a mad dash to the tiger to get the kids out. I guess those kids will think twice about climbing into the mouth of a tiger, am I right?
Andrea and I decided to wait in line so Addie and Grace could get their faces painted. It was the slowest moving line ever. We were in line so long that the boys came up to us, asked if we wanted something to drink, walked back to the car, drove to sonic, ordered drinks, re-parked the car, walked back to us, and we finished our drinks before it was our turn. I think on multiple occasions either Andrea or I were about to say "screw it" and bail, but the whole "we've already waited this long, we might as well stay" argument came up.

Finally it was our turn, and it might be bold, but the face-painting was worth the ridiculous wait. Aaron gave Grace the idea to be a Jaguar, since she loves Baby Jaguar from Diego. I was blown away with how skilled this woman was in such a brief period of time. Grace sat patiently and kept her head still, which was pretty impressive in and of itself.
 Our face-painted girls, the butterfly and the jaguar.
I'm not going to lie, I'm pretty excited for next year.

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