Thursday, December 4, 2008

Thanksgiving Festivities

Well its about time that i put up my thanksgiving post. This years thanksgiving was extremely spontaneous. Aaron had thought about driving to Utah to celebrate, but we weren't sure whether he would get off work. We never made solid plans to go, but instead we waited until the last minute to make the decision. Tuesday night Aaron came home and said that he could roll some hours and get wednesday off. In about 30 minutes we packed up our suitcases, got in the car, and headed off to Utah.
Thursday was wonderful because there was no cooking or dishes involved. This year Aaron's family decided to go out to eat. We drove up to Ogden, picked up Aaron's grandparents and headed off to the restaurant. I made a vow with myself that i would bring my camera and take a copious amount of pictures while i was there. Unfortunately my battery died in my camera, so i didn't take any pictures until the last night that we were there.

The day after thanksgiving the girls headed off to the movies to see Twilight. Yes, that was the second time for me, and i still loved it. The guys headed off to the mall to see how crowded things were on black friday.We also went and saw Australia. It was a really good movie, and Hugh Jackman was so delicious the entire movie. The only downside was that it was like 3 hours long. So i wouldn't recommend it if you don't like long movies, but if you like Hugh Jackman... definitely worth your time.this was my attempt to take pictures the last night that we were there. Aaron's Mom and I
Aaron and his dad
Our thanksgiving posse.It was so nice to be able to spend thanksgiving with Aaron's family and to have a little vacation. It was definitely not long enough (like most vacations), and we were really sad to go. Thanks for a great trip.


The Harrisons said...

Sounds like fun! At least you were able to spend Thanksgiving with family, which is always nice (and see Twilight again).

Cristina Boey said...

No way- you came to Utah and you didn't call us? Guys, we miss you- when will we get to hang out again?

Russell, Aimee and Savannah said...

I'm gonna have to agree with brandon and cristina on this one. But i totally understand :)

Ashby said...

Umm, yes. Hugh Jackman was VERY delicious in that movie. Ryan and I went to see it together - he went for Nicole, I went for Hugh. It was a win-win in our books!

Looks like you had a fun time on your trip!